Super 8mm film (digitised), sound
'Different Dusts' is a non-narrative, experimental Super 8mm film and sound work. Using the theremin - as a sensor of forces below the threshold of human perception - as a central motif, the film explores the sensing/vulnerable body, intuition, tacit knowledge, erosion and measurement against a backdrop of climate change. By suspending various subjects in relation to one another, the piece considers the impression of touch beyond close proximity and across non-human time. 
The title is taken from the first chapter 'The Confusion' from Elizabeth Bowen's novel 'A Time in Rome' where she writes: "The knowledge of Rome must be physical, sweated into the system, worked up into the brain through the thinning shoe-leather. Substantiality comes through touch and smell, and taste, the tastes of different dusts. When it comes to knowing, the senses are more honest than the intelligence. Nothing is more real than the first wall you lean up against sobbing with exhaustion. […] Seeing is pleasure, but not knowledge."
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