Perforated paper triptych 
This piece explores the textuality of the written word and the possible connection between the word and that which it signifies. Words are drawn with that which they describe; holes - negative spaces that pierce a positive plane. The selected words for this series, which signify holes that permeate the body, were chosen specifically for their reversibility that facilitates an exchange between interior and exterior, that in turn gives rise to experience. A pupil, the hole in the eyeball, facilitates an exchange between one's internal sensory apparatus and the external stimuli which come together in the experience of vision. The word 'pupil' is drawn with pinpricks on a sheet of white paper that represents a membrane or skin between inside and outside. By also drawing the word on the reverse side of the paper it appears as a mirror image alongside the initial word, its punctures inverted. Also drawn are the words ‘pore’ and ‘alveolus’, both also bodily threshold spaces. The series thus plays with the notion of the reversibility of these apertures and the surfaces they permeate. Points of entry become points of exit, interior becomes exterior and vice versa. Meaning mixes with object; signifier mixes with signified.
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